Guthrie declares her pregnancy at her wedding

It was really a busy week for Savannah Guthrie, the Today anchor. The forty two year old tied the knot with her fiancé Mike Feldman this weekend. She also revealed that she is now 4 months pregnant with her first kid.

The newly married couple took their wedding vows in front of a gathering of family members and friends that includes the co-anchors of Today show. They couple got married in Tucson in Arizona – her hometown.

Guthrie, brother walked her down aisle. Later she told that it was beautiful. Just everything she could have dreamed for. She and Mike wanted to have this private moment. The wedding ceremony was quite small and they just wanted to share this moment with their family members and friends.
Matt Lauer stated that his most loved part of the night on today’s evening show, where he revealed that the dinner site was great. All the candles on the table and you got up and made a nice toast and speeches. He had a real blast.

Matt also added that he had a moment that was his favorite. Just before the newly married couple made a toast, the camera cut to video of the marriage shortly, ‘This is an NBC News special report’ was heard over loudspeaker to get everyone’s attention.

Savannah told her guests that she felt like the least that they could do is break some news. Then she revealed that she is 4 months pregnant. The invitees appeared to be very happy listening to that. They rose to their feet to cheer.

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Oxford Street’s High Street Fashion Week_Luva & Chinny

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‘Red Shoes’ starring Lily Cole – a short film by Lorna Tucker

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‘Aisle Planner’ software

A California based wedding design and consultation firm founded by ex Hawaii residents declared the launch of the cloud based marriage planning software of the company on Monday, with plans to exhibit Hawaii businesses to the world. Yes, Aisle Planner’s brand new software is a wedding management and design software to connect with vendors, planners, brides as well as other wedding planning businesses.

Christina Farrow, the co-founder and president of Aisle Planner President, concentrated on how they used technology to plan marriages; after she sold her planning business based in Honolulu. In a statement, Christina Farrow stated that they knew early on that Aisle Planner had to be more than a glorified checklist or a set of instructions for hatching a plan for a wedding.

It needed to be a dedicated wedding planning app that allowed for easy sharing and collaboration between couples, their vendors and their planner, thereby connecting them all to the planning process.

Aisle Planner’s management team members as well as founders are actually from Hawaii, and the firm said that their relationship to Hawaiian Islands has played a huge role in the attention given to small local businesses which it is working to encourage. Christina added that they want to exhibit the businesses they have already worked with.

The firm has just worked with investors to Hawaii that the founders told that they expect would serve to exhibit Hawaii as a tech friendly business environment as well as encourage future investments in technology based firms.

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Oxford Street’s High Street Fashion Week_Clare

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Style Sense: Westwood fashion on a budget

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Wedding cake controversy

A bride-to-be from North Texas and her lover told that the cake they ordered for the wedding became a big tripping block in their marriage plans. But some experts tell that pairs could avoid unneeded troubles with vendors if they go after some simple regulations, such as making sure that they have easy-to-understand deals.

Matt Womack and Jessica Frye, who were taking their very 1st tour down the aisle on 2nd November,  were planning a marriage ceremony with just forty 40 invitees in a short 2 month time period as well as on a budget of only US$ 5000.
The amount would have to give for the wedding decorations, ceremony, the catering, the reception and the dress. Still, Jessica wanted her dream marriage ceremony and that included a cake to top off the day.

The couple went to Sweet Memories that is an olde worlde Keller caterer along with a giant cake on the lawn. Frye told that it was the first cake place she has ever been to in her life. It was very exciting. There, the couple decided to place their order. The couple paid US$ 267.59 for their wedding cake.

After they left the shop, Jessica has altered her mind and realized that it would eat five percent of their total budget. Later they called up to cancel the order, and they thought that they would receive the refund. But they found out that their money would not be returned. When they saw the bill they saw that refund policy is not mentioned there.

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Lily Cole Opens Vivienne Westwood Red Label Fashion Show with a dance

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Westwood fashion deals

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