Vivienne Westwood interview on CNN

Vivienne Westwood Video Rating: four / five

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| November 18th, 2012 | Posted in VW Fashion |

10 Responses to “Vivienne Westwood interview on CNN”

  1. Jrad6449 Says:

    where is the rest of the video?

  2. TheAeromuse Says:

    I liked both top comments …

  3. SuperSimonuk Says:

    Vivienne Westwood is an icon, and to call her a bitch is disrespectful

  4. MsLAB24 Says:

    its so offbeat and things dont match wich makes it perfect

  5. mrdiamondheadTV Says:


  6. fuckmyleathertumblr Says:

    She’s an absolute inspiration for anyone desiring a career in fashion.
    I know I’d love to follow in similar footsteps to hers.

  7. Zadadawson Says:

    this bitch knows what shes talking about . x

  8. pureecstasy Says:

    OOH can someone upload the entire thing?

  9. americanjoh Says:

    where is the rest!!!!: )

  10. Gloriafgv Says:

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